About YikeDat

YikeDat was started and is owned by Ryan Rudnick, an early childhood educator.  In his time as a preschool teacher, he has regularly been asked questions from regarding anything and everything about children, child development, suggestion and ideas pertaining to parents and their homes, and much more.  The questions were often the same, or similar, from one parent to another and many times, Ryan found himself referring parents to each other to work through some of the challenges they were facing with their children.  When searching for articles to suggest to parents, when searching for easy guides to preschools, and when searching for open discussions between parents regarding their family lives, Ryan found no cohesive webpage that it all and offered a space for parents and educators to freely communicate with one another.  Hence, YikeDat.

We bring parents together to help them find the solutions to their questions and curiosities about parenting and children that best fits their individual and family needs. We provide only the best information available, gathered from resources that include educators, child psychology professionals, and academic papers or studies on the topics  at hand, all while giving you a place to express yourself and read what others are saying about their own home life.

Our goal at YikeDat is to help you in any way we can.

About The Owner

Ryan Rudnick began working with children over a decade ago in Southern California.  He holds a BA in Psychology from The University of San Francisco where he emphasized his studies in Child Development and Early Childhood Education.  Ryan has experience working with young children in school, daycare, and camp settings and has participated in many child development and early childhood education workshops.  He has also has experience training day care, camp, and school faculty, and parent education.