Cooking with your Children

Cooking with your Children

Feb 20


There are 2 easy ways to involve your child in cooking. First, you can tell them what your making (or let them choose what they want to make) for dinner, lunch, or just a treat at school.  Involve them in getting the ingredients.  Ask them if they know what they need and help them figure out what ingredients they might need to make that meal.  Help them measure, pour and mix, as the directions show and let them taste their creation when it’s done.

Another great way to cook with children is to give them a collection of ingredients (or let them pick them out on their own) in a few bowls with a few measuring and mixing utensils, and then let them “cook” as they see fit.  It might taste awful, but they’ll love being trusted to create their own meal from start to finish!


Cooking with your child, or in a classroom, is a great way to start children learn about where food comes from.  It teaches them early science (how things interact when they are mixed together), early mathematics (pouring, mixing and measuring), and cooking is a great sensory experience (touching and feeling the different textures of ingredients).

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