Child Development

Child Development, in a nutshell, is the “rule of thumb” guide to how children grow, and what you can expect at a specific age.  Below, you’ll find links to developmental milestones, the lists of behaviors and abilities that many educators and professionals use to asses children at various ages.  However, every child learns, grows and develops at their own pace, so there is room for variation.  Not every child begin to do the same behavior or be capable of the same task at the same time, in part because of preference for certain activities, and in part simply because some children develop faster than others in one area of expertise, while they may develop slower in other areas.

Developmental Milestones by Age

0 – 1 Month

1 – 3 Months

3 – 7 Months

7 – 12 Months

1 – 2 Years

3 to 4 Years

4 to 5 Years

Another Resource for Developmental Milestones