YikeDat wants you to feel comfortable and confident in your role as a parent, throughout pregnancy and with young children.  Sometimes, all that takes is reading through our discussion threads and seeing that other families and parents face the same struggles you do.  Sometimes, reading through blogs posted by educators, teachers, and other early childhood professionals helps calm your worries.  Sometimes reading through articles written by early childhood educators is the best way to ease your mind.

We want parenting information to be clear, simple, and calming, so all of our articles are written to help you solve every day problems with your young children and families to make your day and your life a happier one.  Parenting isn’t easy, and YikeDat doesn’t think otherwise, but we do believe that with parenting tips, parenting resources, and parenting information on topics like play, reading, discipline and potty training, as well as a community of other parents and teachers, can help.

If you are looking for specific help with your young child, or if you are seeking information on early childhood, parenting, or pregnancy that you don’t see on our website, search through our discussions, start a thread of your own, or contact us and we’d be happy to help in any way we can.