Early Childhood education is an important part of every child’s development.  There is a growing movement in California, and many other states throughout the United States, encouraging parents to send their children to preschool.  Many areas have public preschools that are funded, either entirely or partially, by the sate making them affordable and accessible for every family’s budget.  Studies have shown that children who attend preschool often do better in elementary schools.  Preschools vary greatly in their style of teaching and their philosophies on education and therefore, children have opportunities to learn a variety of skills and knowledge in a variety of ways.  Many preschools incorporate age appropriate activities that teach children beginning concepts of reading and writing, science, and mathematics.  At the same time, most preschools have some focus on social development including concepts like sharing, asking for turns, self-advocating, problem solving, collaborating or working in a team to complete more complex tasks.  All of these skills are important for children later in their educational experiences as well as in their every day lives.  Choosing a preschool can be a challenge, but we’re here to help.  It’s important to find out how your child learns, what educational philosophy will work best for them.  All of this is laid out in our 8 Easy Steps to choosing a preschool.