Time for a Change

Time for a Change

Jul 22

I realize that my last post began in much the same way but, yes, it’s been a long while since I last wrote anything for YikeDat.  It’s been a busy time, and let me tell you a little bit about it:

About a year ago I moved from Los Angeles back up to San Francisco, where I returned to teach at a school I had taught at for several years prior to moving to LA.  I spent a year back at that school in the pre-k program and absolutely loved it.  The last time I worked with children who were as old as 5 (and some even turned 6 before the end of the school year last month) was years ago, and I was so excited to work with a slightly older group of children.  However, after coming home from teaching each day, I went to work in a totally different and new capacity: I began work as in independent contractor for a small up-and-coming real estate development company, flipping houses.  [Insert Jeff Lewis jokes here].  I’ve decided to take a break from teaching to work with this company full time, and so far, it’s been an absolutely amazing experience.

I’m working from home now, and spend most of my time in front of a computer, visiting properties, or at site meetings with contractors, architects, realtors and the like.   Needless to say, it is a very different experience, and something completely new to me, but I’m finding that I’m liking the change.  Being as young as I am, I’ve spent over a third of my life working with children, and it was time to try something new.

That being said, I do miss teaching, so I’m on a short list of subs at the school where I worked, and still may go in to the school here and there for a day of work with pre-school children.  My life working with children is far from over, but I’m on a slightly different path at the moment, and I hope to continue on this path while simultaneously expanding my knowledge of working with young children, and putting the knowledge that I do have up in the inter-webs for others to consider, comment on and learn from.

.  .  .

There’s a phase in every construction project, or at least it seems that way so far, where work for me comes to a bit of a slow down.  Finishes are decided upon, walls have been opened, problems have been discovered and dealt with, and walls have been closed.  Finishes are being ordered and delivered, soon to be installed, painting is only weeks away.  That leaves me with a little bit more time on my hands, and I hope to be able to spend some of that time on YikeDat so keep an eye out for more frequent updates in the near future!

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